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Kitchen Towel Holder - Limited Edition

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Designed and handmade in East London, this limited edition will add an intriguing touch to your kitchen. It's simple to fit and can be mounted either to the left or right. It is designed to pivot on its central axis so you can choose your angle of preference.

The kitchen towel holder is made from copper parts with brass wall-fittings. Four brass screws and rawl plugs are included with detailed illustrations and instructions for fitting. (Supplied rawl plugs are for solid walls, if you wish to fix the rail to a cavity wall please use appropriate fixings). We highly recommend regular use of Brasso to keep your copper bright and shiny, stubborn marks may be removed by the more abrasive Autosole metal polish.

It will come to you beautifully packaged, lovingly designed by Dog's Body and illustrated by celebrated East End artist Adam Dant.

Size: 29cm X 16.5cm and 44cm X 16.6 when turned outward.

Weight: 475gms including packaging