Penny Bun Helps Save The World

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Penny Bun Helps Save the World (GOST, 2018) is an an illustrated book for all ages and is the sequel to The Mushroom Picker. The book tells the story of a gang of mushrooms and their attempt to save the forest. The main protagonist of the fungi tale is once again Penny Bun, whose forest home is under threat from developers who wish to destroy the fragile ecosystem that supports mushroom, plant and human life.

Lovingly crafted by a mushroom obsessive, the co-founder of internationally renowned Sporeboys street-kitchen, Robinson's luminograms themselves are created in his east-London studio darkroom in mysterious fashion using a camera-less process: He artfully arranges hand-cut mushrooms directly on the plate glass of his enlarger and varies the intensity of light exposed to the subjects to create Penny Bun's extraordinary universe. Afterwards, when his luminograms are developed, Robinson's fungi are summarily discarded (or eaten!), these unique tableaux never to be remade.