Eco Tartan “Billow”pannier

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Is it a bag or is it a pillow? its a billow! (BAG + PILLOW)😊 Conceived lying in a park between lock downs in London, I saw lots of people carrying their pillows to the park… and bingo the billow was born! 

This oversized bag is large enough to fit large items such as picnic blankets, coats, shoes, jackets and enough food to feed a big family.

When you reach your picnic destination, this bag converts into a pillow. With its padded construction and simple, seamless panels you never have to take your pillow with you to the park ever again.

The outer fabric is padded (like a pillow) and is also waterproof. It has 3 wine or bottle pockets inside plus an additional zip pocket for storing valuables. It also comes with its very own inflatable pillow which you can blow up easily in case you need more filling to create the perfect park pillow.

Read more about the origin of this bag HERE on our blog post "What is a billow?"

It co-ordinates with the rest of our TARTAN RANGE.  

* attaches to bicycle pannier rack
* 3 internal bottle holders
* 1 internal zip pocket
* padded construction

Dimensions: 66cm (wide) x 45cm (high)