The Mushroom Picker

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The Mushroom Picker (Violette Editions, 2012) tells the tale of charismatic mushroom characters thriving in an English wood, and of one heroine in particular, Penny Bun – a rare and spectacular porcini – who evades The Mushroom Picker's annual autumn harvest.

Set against the dark night sky, David Robinson's fungi characters come to life in these richly illustrative images, as Penny Bun and her friends (Rosy Earthstar, Scarlet Cup, Slippery Jack and others) conspire to build a rocket ship to escape the Picker's grasp. Children will love this magical rhyming story, the charming mushroom characters and the scary Mushroom Picker, who 'creeps along with quiet purpose'. Adult readers will be amused, and perhaps inspired, to become Pickers themselves, with endnotes on a range of mushrooms to savour or avoid in Robinson's light-hearted but authoritative 'Cast of Characters' at the close of this book, his first for children.